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Can I show my panties under a mini skirt?

Can I show my panties under a mini skirt?

Margaret writes, “I have been observing one trend that has me totally confused. I myself wear mini skirts but what I am seeing is that celebrities are now wearing skirts and dresses that are simply so short that their underwear is visible. Take a look at these photos of Alessanda Ambrosio and Isla Fisher. This is different from celebs like Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan purposely showing their privates in public by not knowing how to exit a car when wearing a short dress. Was I sleeping while this trend started or is it acceptable to do so now?”

Indeed, new fashion trends are coming out of Hollywood and one trend that I can broadly describe is that underwear is no longer meant to be used “under” and it is fine to display it. It might have started with the bra straps and then showing the bras but then the whaletail became a national hobby. Now we are increasingly seeing this new trend of simply letting your panty show which is different from flashing your panties.

I think some traditionalists may disagree and might even find it unacceptable but if you want to embrace it, my word of advice is to wear only the finest panties, as these two stars wearing. It should show your confidence and taste in lingerie.

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