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Fox News ratings are rising, so are its anchors’ skirts

Fox News ratings are rising, so are its anchors’ skirts
so are its anchors’ skirts

We regularly cover the booming ratings at Fox News.

Well, pardon us for being slow. We had never noticed how short the skirts are on the Fox News women anchors until someone sent us this video., with the hot TV anchors in their short skirts and sexy legs (In the interest of full disclosure, we should also reveal that we used to buy Playboy just for the articles).

The note attached to the video postulated that there may be a direct relationship between the rise in ratings at Fox News and the rise of their anchors babes’ skirts. If true, it’s an interesting programming strategy.

Will Fox News ratings dominance last? Well, they certainly appear to have legs. And pay particular attention to Laurie Dhue.

Update: If you like this article, you’ll love Courtney Friel is the hottest of Fox News women anchors.

Update #2: We found some stills to add to the article.

Fox News Babe Laurie Dhue

Fox News Women Anchors Laurie Dhue

Fox News Babe Alisyn Camerota

Fox News Women Anchors Alisyn Camerota

Fox News Babe Kiran Chetry

Fox News Women Anchors Kiran Chetry

Fox News Babe Page Hopkins

Fox News Women Anchors Page Hopkins

Fox News Babe E. D. Hill

Fox News Women Anchors E.D. Hill

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